About Us

Lumière de Vie — We are Christians and we bring the true light of Jesus Christ to everyone through diversified activities or platforms, so that people can gain hope and love. We are located near Paris, France. Serving different ethnic groups, mainly Chinese, while serving French speakers

The Lumière de Vie church welcomes you to attend our Sunday service (in chinese-Mandarin) at 15h30 in the afternoon. Please contact us for the location for next week:
16 BD. LAGNY, Bussy St. Georges, France
1 Passage Collet, Bussy St. Georges, France

Community Service: Language Class-Chinese/English

Small Group: Emotional wisdom study, dessert demonstration, ink painting class

Outreach: Bible study, poem sharing, video

Website offer: You can find a treasure house of life wisdom based on Christian faith

Information available in English, French- français, Chinese Traditional- 中文繁體, Chinese Simplified- 中文 简体