1. Community (free) – Healthcare, Emotion Management/Emotional Intelligence
  2. Small Group (free) – Mommy group; Bible Study group; Special Interest group (Chinese and Western desserts)
  3. Language/Culture Learning (course fee applied) – Chinese Calligraphy course; Chinese Language class; English Language class
  4. Participation to events of city hall of Bussy – “Bussy Plage” summer beach; “Asie en Fête” annual Asian festival
  5. Sharing of Good News of the gospel through music at the annual “Music Festival on the Street” at city of Bussy St. Georges, France

    Despite of the epidemic, our mommy groups, language courses and activities are still meeting … on the Internet!
    Welcome to join us and to contact us!

Bible Study small group
October 18, 2020

Planned for the future

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