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Video - Life success or Failure

Success or failure of life is often linked to a person; a career event; even a video; a poem; and it has a decisive influence. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video or a testimony resonates with people, even deeply enlightens and inspires you to move towards a positive life! *** An image in the video or word in the poem will touch your soul and leads you to a tranquil comfort!


1. Community Service: Lecture-Medical and Health, Emotion Management, Emotional Wisdom ************** 2. Small Group: Mother Group; Interest Group (Chinese and Western desserts) ********************************* 3. Music: Music festival street outreach Gospel Sharing 4. Culture course: Chinese calligraphy,; Chinese language, English Language ************************** 5.City of Bussy event: ““Asie en Fête”

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    November 2, 2020 Comments Off on Local Sound – Shout to the Lord Local Sound7.16K subscribersShout to the Lord Music in this video Learn more, Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Shout to the Lord Artist Local Sound Album Sunday School Licensed to YouTube by
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